How to Get into the World Series of Poker

http://irdresearch.comHow to Get into the World Series of Poker. Then, you want to enter the World Series of Poker, the poker tournament of all poker tournaments. Well, the traditional way is to be well known and quite successful in the poker world to be invited. When the domain of those who spent their lives traveling through the casino poker network in casino, the emergence of Internet and online gambling opened this exclusive club to a global audience. However, it is not as easy as registering and logging in.

World series of poker

Maybe, however.With Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer, winners of the 2003 and 2004 World Series of Poker tournaments. The exact name Moneymaker never played seriously when he decided to raise $ 39 to sign up for an online poker tournament at Poker indonesia. He flew the competition and won the first prize, which turned out to be a place in the famous World Series of Poker. As if that was not enough for the honor, Moneymaker dominated here, defeated several more experienced poker players and took home the top prize: $ 2.5 million. It was a great way to start a professional poker career.

poker indonesia

Following in the footsteps of Moneymaker just one year later, patent attorney Greg Reimer became the second winner of the World Series of Poker, who became the winner thanks to an online tournament, another event on judi poker. Unlike Moneymaker, Raymer actually played before in the World Series of Poker, with limited success. He continued to translate his success into a lucrative poker career, and continues to make more than a life worthy of the game he loves.

Although Moneymaker and Reimer have already won the tournament, they are far from the only players to win a seat by winning the tournament online. Their victories have helped to rise in the popularity of the game, attracting a new wave of encouraging players with dreams of great prizes at the table. Several online casinos offer periodic tournaments that give players the opportunity to go to the Holy Grail of poker. Keep your eyes open and look around you.


Perhaps the biggest requirement to enter the World Series of Poker is that you must have the skills to go out with the greats. Just doing it in a tournament is quite difficult, but if this happens to you, get ready to take your game to a whole new level. You will play against professionals who do not occupy a single room, and if you fail, they will be more than happy to take all your chips to raise them through the ranks.