Maintain The Solid Ground Using Erosion Control Coconut Matting

erosion control coconut matting

Erosion control coconut matting – Erosion is the washing away of soil by water and wind or geomorphological forces. Erosion is a problem if the erosion rate is less than or equal to the speed of soil formation. This model is called normal erosion (geological erosion).

Human activities in various areas can accelerate erosion, leading to a problem known as accelerated erosion. In the case of accelerated erosion, the volume of soil carried away is greater than the formation of the ground. They result in a continuous thinning of the soil layer, which can eventually lead to its elimination or float to the end of the coating.

The type of corrosion depends on the extent of the variables involved in the corrosion process. Four main factors are considered to be involved in the erosion process, including climate, soil properties, topography and
ground cover vegetation

The Factors Cause Soil Corrosion

Several things can cause corrosion. Amongst:

1. Natural factor
The leading cause of soil erosion is natural factors. This condition occurs because nature must maintain soil balance. This erosion usually provides soil to support living plants.

2. Human activities
The second reason is human activity. This condition occurs when the topsoil layer is thinned due to the development zone. It has cultural practices that pay no attention to conservation systems and other destructive human activities.

A wide variety of corrosion control mats are commercially available. However, most applications fall into two categories: those with biodegradable elements and those made entirely of polymers designed to last longer. The mat’s design controls biodegradable covers and allows soil formation and maintenance. In most cases, this vegetation provides the most significant positive effect in preventing erosion. So when we choose a corrosion control product. We need to consider what we can encourage to grow there, how long it will take to build, and how we can support that growth throughout the season.

The Advantages of Using Coir Geotextiles Erosion Control Coconut Matting

The use of corrosion control mats will be helpful in the following applications:

• Banks and wetlands
• Edge of lakes/reservoirs
• Earth dam
• Wave and pool liners
• Landfill cover
• Embankments and slopes (e.g., roads and railways)
• Noise divider
• Channel/overflow protection

Using coir-based geotextiles for soil control

Preventing erosion can use erosion control coconut matting effectively in many situations. Whether the soil is above the surface or on dry slopes, suitable coir geotextile options are available for all conditions. The three-dimensional and flexible coir geotextile matrix adapts to smooth surfaces. The turf reinforcement mat is laid on the prepared soil base without stones, lumps, roots, or other irregularities.

Once in place, the erosion control can be seeded and covered with soil or mulch. Its open structure provides floor space and promotes root and plant growth. As the roots grow, they become entwined with fused threads, anchoring the vegetation and creating a stable canopy. Coco geotextiles are also an ideal base for lawns. Many independent bodies have tested coir geotextiles.

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